Excel Cosmeceutical Industry Pte Ltd was in incorporated in year 2007. The company was formed to manufacture Beauty and Skin Care products with its factory and R & D department in Singapore.


We offer a comprehensive range of products under the brand name "Derma Floral, DF2, My's". Our aim is to share the excellent results of our products and give back to society by providing top notch skincare solutions to women of different generations who are experiencing various troubled skin problems.


We build our empire by providing beauty services lead by Professional Beauticians in our beauty centres.


The company is a proud receiver of CASE TRUST certification, Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification and ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard, which testify its efforts and consistency in building an outstanding and leading beauty brand over the years.


Excel Cosmeceutical Industry Pte Ltd uses active ingredients which specially fight against free radical damage (eg. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, DNA, SOD, Green Tea, Alpha lipoic Acid, Apple Extract, Epidermosil, Algisium C). New breakthrough in Nano-technology and manufacturing technology have emerged based on the latest research results of scientist, Asian medicinal studies pharmacists, biologists and nutritional scientist. We strive to make use of these new technologies to restore skin's optimal condition while taking into consideration the unique skin structure and biochemical reactions within skin cells. Through use of our products, skin can be repaired, nourished and toned.


In addition and in respect of procurement of raw material, the company gets its raw material formulations, machinery and equipment directly from Europe and America. This is to ensure that every raw material imported has proof production, giving customers the quality assurance. These raw materials would go through strict testing by GMP and HAS to ensure their quality and safety to use.


Thereafter, the raw materials would go through one final round of rigorous testing by biological experts, doctors, pharmacists and chemists. Once these processes are completed, our customers can use our products with confidence to see the ultimate results on the skin and become our repeat customers. Derma Floral, My's, DF2, OEM and all other brands under Excel Cosmeceutical Industry Pte Ltd are committed to using advanced technology and integration of natural plant ingredients to achieve extraordinary results, resulting in healthy and beautiful skin.


Excel Cosmeceutical Industry Pte Ltd soared high within Singapore and Malaysia. Embraced with the strong confident and excellent results, we are now establishing our business across the borders of China and Asia.


Excel Cosmeceutical Industry Pte Ltd practices operations with Pure Integrity and Perseverance, always exposing ourselves to every new technologies and skills.


Excel Cosmeceutical Industry Pte Ltd has consistently trained its employees with new knowledge to excel in their job application and to provide the perfect customer service in an upmost hygiene and comfort environment.



Key Milestones


2001 - Opened the first Aesthetics Beauty and Service Center in Singapore 
2002 - DermaFloral Beauty Academy established
2003 - DermaFloral brand remodeling
2004 - Establishment of a research and development center
2005 - Opening a new branch in Jurong East, Bugis new renovation
2006 - Invest in 2 R&D skin care 2 units factory
  - Production and research center for innovative natural skin care products
2007 - Established Excel Cosmeceutical Industry Pte Ltd
  - 2007 Singapore Corporate Spirit Award
2008 - Development of "DF2" product, retail store established at Toa Payoh Hub
2009 - Development of the "MY's" & "BioVita" product
2010 - Developed the "Stem Cell" product, invested a two-story HQ office.
2011 - All branded products enter the Malaysian market
  - Located in Johor Bahru Malaysia
2012 - Investing in Bugis Cube shop house
  - invested third factory unit to expand production space
2013 - Apply for trademark registration in Southeast Asia
2016 - Our brands were upgraded and reshaped
  - Bugis Cube Beauty Center upgraded from HDB shop to commercial shop
2017 - Successful registration of Southeast Asian trademarks
  - Awarded the Singapore Gold Brand Award
  - Signed a contract with a scientific research company in Singapore
2018 - Entering China for a commodity inspection
  - Signed a contract with China Group more than 2,000 franchisees.