Research & Development

Excel Cosmeceutical Industry Pte Ltd has nearly 100 kinds of extraction formulas such as plant apple stem cells, flower core, fruit oil, mannose aldehyde silanol C, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid silanol, enyzme, peptide and so on. Through high-tech research and development, the use of peptide decomposition and penetration and the use of silanol alginic acid stabilization technology. Promote the activation, control, secretion, regeneration and metabolism of sikin cells. It can achieve cell condtioning, skin anti-aging, anti-oxidation, collagen regenration, whitening and freckle, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, and smoothing the cavity. The skin instantly reverses the young for 10 years.

OEM- Skincare products

O.E.M skincare products to help you define your personality

To provide professional OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) services for skin care products, using our comprehensive planning and production system, to custom-make as per our customers' requests.

ODM- Skincare products

From raw materials, formulations, production to the final packaging, we provide the total solutions by ODM based on you needs and your commercial channels, in order to customerlize the services you require.


To assist and lead the beauty industry talents, agents, distributors, chain stores, etc., to be innovative in improving business image, bringing in new technology products, knowldge and results with a good business management and marketing strategy program, it will effectively help all agents, distributors equip with more skills and professional standards.

Fully dedicated to aiding distributors of all levels increase their customer volume, run joint promotional activities and provide advertising services to help their businesses grow and develop.