Genetics Specialisation

Anti-Aging and DNA Repair

DF2 is plant stem cells are tailor-made for sophisticated women. Through micro-lipid encapsulation technology, it is named Nano carrier Technology. The stem cell-based ingredients effectively merged with high-quality, safe active ingredients for formulation advancement. The micro-lipid capsule is rich with central fatty acids to help restore cell health, skin vitality, anti-aging, calming and repairing effects. It exudes a young, beautiful, crystal-clear natural beauty.

Delicate and Moisturizing

Enriched with hundreds of active growth factors, it can quickly increase the anti-oxidant capacity of cells, repair damaged cells, promote cell and collagen regeneration, and effectively block the aging process of the skin. At the same time, it adds collagen and hyaluronic acid with moisturizing and water-locking functions, as well as herbal extracts that nourish the skin extracted from precious plants.

Light, Moist, Fresh and Translucent

Adding whitening ingredients extracted from precious Chinese herbal medicines, by inhibiting the production of black cells, blocking the melanin synthesis process, removing excessive free radicals, effectively diminishing the pigmentation, and allowing the skin to quickly restore its luster. It is specially formulated with a light formula suitable for summer use to maintain the original nutrition and active ingredients, so that the skin feels more refreshing.